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Is your company into employer branding yet? You can probably tell by the lack of current solicitations, or the amount of spending for every new hire or staff search.

A good, well thought-out employer branding strategy reverses the process: instead of investing in attracting qualitative candidates, you focus on building your reputation as an employer, and boom: you’ll reap the rewards of the natural talent attraction trait.

Employer what?

In the glorious world of marketing, branding is the noble art of building your reputation on customer’s or prospects side. Investing in how your audience is perceiving your company through brand messaging, logo, advertisement, and so on. 

Employer branding is the same image-based marketing tool, yet facing towards your (possible) employees. Working on the business identity of your company, focusing on the added value for your employees. It’s what makes your company unique or stand out to candidates who are looking for jobs, and pampering your current team. Employer branding is a great way to shape the narrative and ensure people have a positive view of your company’s identity. Not only will it benefit employee retention and fuel talented applicants, but can positively affect many other non-visible aspects of your company as well.


Why the fuzz?


  • Whether you believe it or not: recent studies have shown that 78% of people will look into a company’s reputation as an employer before applying for a job, while 88% of millennials believe that being part of the right company culture is of great importance.
  • Every company should try to be the first company potential employees will think of, to make the best possible candidates‘ heads turn. This gives your company the best choices of who to effectively hire for a given position. When you have a company with a solid reputation, genuinely showcasing appealing employee stories online, and keep a unique work culture, you’ll have no problem attracting the best people.


  • Additionally to the previous: employing quality coworkers still is one of the most crucial cornerstones to the success and growth of your business. Investing in your staff, the pillars of your system, will inevitably always pay off. When your existing employees can talk passionately about their work, they will put in more effort into their work as well.


  • Having your current employees contently talking about the business, helps the brand becomes stronger without spending much on marketing. This creates a domino effect: when the brand awareness increases, your sales increase in parallel. Therefore, companies should always try to be a striking employer that can provide a sense of belonging to its employees.


  • According to a LinkedIn survey, a company with a stronger employer brand than its competitors on average see a 43% decrease in the cost per candidate they hire. Why? Because by simply investing in your employer brand, you don’t have to spend all of your hard-earned profit on advertising and marketing campaigns creating awareness for your business.


  • Subsequently: the savings don’t only cover expenses but also and more importantly: time and energy. You’ll find yourself wasting far less time shuffling through unqualified candidates and getting the candidates that fit your criteria.  Instead of spending your working hours promoting and reaching out to people to apply, you can sit back and let the applications pour in.
  • The world of application has dramatically changed. ¼ of all job seekers use social media as their primary tool for job searching and research, while ¾ are likely to use social media in their hunt for their next job. And that number is growing. 

● Last but not least: according to statistics, some candidates are willing to accept a lower pay, if they work in a company with positive reviews and a well-known brand.

OKay, i’m convinced. But how?

If you want your employer branding to succeed, you’ll need to develop a strategy. That’s where Madzuli Agency comes into picture. As a leading and renowned international digital marketing agency, strategy is our middle name.