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What is the facebook blueprint certifitcate?

As most people know, advertising is a big element of almost all social media platforms.
Not in the least for Facebook, the company that also happens to own Instagram and WhatsApp. 

Facebook has developed a certification program with courses and an exam, the so called Facebook Blueprint Certification.
By taking the test you can show your mastery of advertising on the platform, while the certificate is the proof of a successful completion.
Topics on the test vary from target audiences and placements to designs and bidding.

How do you take the Facebook Blueprint exam?

The Facebook Blueprint exams are quite hard – especially when taking it for the first time. 

An adequate, profound preparation is key. During the exam you will be tested on various aspects of the Facebook advertising landscape. You can prepare yourself by going through the online courses or by participating in the provided preparation days, organised by Facebook itself.

When you consider yourself qualified, you can take the practice test to check which components you should read into further. This test is available on the education platform where the courses are provided.

The next step is choosing the correct exam. At this point you have a choice between four available options:

  • 100-101 Facebook Digital Marketing Associate
  • 400-101 Facebook Media Planning Professional
  • 410-101 Facebook Media Buying Professional
  • 500-101 Facebook Product Developer

All of the Blueprint Certification exams are administered by Pearson and can be taken either online through Pearson VUE or at a physical test center. If you choose to take the online test you will need to download a specific program and you will be monitored by webcam. 

An important note is that every attempt for this test will cost you €150.

What are the benefits of the facebook blueprint certification?

Besides actually understanding all the ins and outs of Facebook advertising, you can embed the certificate on your website, social media page and resume. The Facebook Blueprint Certificate is the only certification that Facebook recognizes, making it a powerful tool to display your expertise. This is particularly effective for agencies aiming to distinguish themselves among the thousands of competitors running Facebook ads. As an individual you’ll have to consider if the certification is worth your investment.

Another benefit of getting your Blueprint Certificate is that it grants you access to several private Facebook groups, allowing you to expand your network.

The prior essence of the Blueprint course is the obtained knowledge. By following the program you will have a much better understanding of what works on Facebook and how to get optimal results. Therefore, the main benefit is not in the examination itself. Unless the certification will help you to persuade new clients, there is no necessity in taking the exam.