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Black Friday is initially an initiative that was born in the U.S. and that expanded to Europe over the passed years. That day you’re able to score all your Christmas gifts with the biggest discounts. Three days later is Cyber Monday, again a day with big discounts, but mostly for webshops.


Marketers, be prepared! Invest extra time and effort during this period!

The time before Black Friday and Cyber Monday are very important for marketers. During this time you need to warm up as many people as possible for these events.

Since many people start looking for the most interesting discounts in advance, it is important to create awareness about the discounts in time. Good content that is adapted to Black Friday and Cyber Monday is very important to make your campaign a success as a marketer. On social media you see a lot of advertisements with big discounts, as a marketer it is recommended that you also take advantage of this. Creating urgency is also important to increase conversions, so people are more likely to make a purchase!

A few Black Friday tips

  • Use customized content such as separate landing pages. This way you can use more content adjusted to the theme. 
  • Measure your Black Friday and Cyber Monday campaigns as detailed as possible, so that you know what works and where to put more effort next year. 
  • Add a “Search Location” call-to-action button to your Black Friday customer emails. If you have multiple locations, add a local-friendly CTA to your Black Friday emails to help subscribers visit your physical store. You can do this by adding a button that takes the recipients to the section of your website where you list locations. Don’t forget to make sure this page is optimized for mobile use. 
  • Try to provide a sense of scarcity and urgency. This way, people will be more likely to buy a certain product
  • Start your Black Friday and Cyber Monday campaigns on time, this way you can get people excited to make their purchases on these days