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The summer is coming to an end, but winter is just around the corner. If you’ve got a product that’s directly or indirectly dependant on the weather conditions, I suggest you read this blog thoroughly.


Marketings that’s based on the local weather is  a powerful form of automatization that can be very effective in certain cases. You can give your company that extra push when you make your advertisements based on the local weather, in comparison to your competitors who don’t.

Targeting the right target group has always been one of the most important things in online advertising, so working with more detail is always a good idea. 

We’re much more influenced by the weather conditions than we think, in fact it’s the second biggest influencer on our buying behaviour. The overall financial state is the first one. By adjusting your marketing campaigns to the weather conditions, you’re more likely to reach the correct target group. 

By creating custom made advertisements based on your target audience, you can save money and create a higher ROI with your advertisements.


Bidding on temperature comes in very handy with certain companies. An easy example is a clothing store. When it’s raining you want to display clothing such as raincoats, umbrella’s, … When the sun is shining you’ll want to display bikini’s, dresses, ….

You basically display what your buyer wants to see that day.


Depending on your goals, you can decide if you want to bid on temperature, wind and/or rain. The clothing industry, an airconditioning company or any other outdoor activity are extremely sensitive to the weather conditions.

Try using a script on Google ads to optimize your campaign instead of trying to optimize yourself. You never know up front what weather the next day will bring. Trying to respond to the weather conditions yourself is often too time consuming.


You can also try to respond when your marketingcampaign is based on smaller locations or has to be divided into smaller locations. Try using Geotargeting by selecting your locations per city (through Google Support you can easily find Geotargeting).


Whether your company is dependant on the weather or not, it certainly wouldn’t hurt to respond to the current weather conditions. Research and own results learn us that you can save a lot of time and money on the long term. The engagement rate is higher and the cost per click is lower than with a standard campaign during the same period of time. 

Several projects at Madzuli Agency already make use of a script that’s based on the weather conditions. This way we make optimum use of our client’s budget.